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WARNING. This is an automatic translation. We will provide a correct translation soon. In addition to our language services such as translations, interpreting, language courses and language legal assistance, we work on various projects to further professionalize the translation industry and fellow translators support. Discover our projects here:

I. Entri
II. Term Catcher
III. Quis

Multilingual terminology Entri

Entri is our online multilingual dictionary. During our years of experience in the translation industry. We have gathered more and more terms with translation and linguistic information. Why would we do not make it accessible to anyone who is busy with language? Thus, Entri is useful for writers, translators and anyone looking for terminology, the meaning of words and linguistic information. The available languages are currently English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Czech, Polish and Slovakian. Russian and Chinese are still under development.

The database consultation is free for everyone. Who wants to contribute to Entri can sign up and then receives a login. Whether a word of information is actually added, is determined by the group of users. The entry is done via semantic forms.

Companies also have the opportunity to create their own, secure and non-public Entri-term bank host our server.

Entri is a first part of a broader CAT suit project called CAT-it.
View the project: www.entri.xyz

Browser and term file TermCatcher

During the development of Entri, the idea of the search for terminology mature facilitate using a special browser. This allows multiple languages at a time terms are searched that can then be added to their own term file or to Entri. This scheduled browser was temporarily named TermCatcher.

TermCatcher becomes another part of our CAT suit project CAT-it.

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Directory Quis

Quis is an edge project to, among other things, our terminology projects Entri and TermCatcher finance. It is a directory of companies with a small business listing or a small contribution limited website, or any projects that can not be put on their own website to become.

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Currently we are also investigating with our interpreter how to offer interpreting online through our own website. Initially from and to German, Dutch, English and French. Further information will appear here after the test phase.

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